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Monday, May 22, 2006

Neighborhood Narratives

My block is the park below three intersecting highways, next to a river, and over a metro station. I believe it is called Ichinohashi Junction and the train stop is Azabu-Juban.

The park is very connected but at the same time disconnected from the people that come across it. People on the highway will pass right by it without even a glimse. People on the metro would see it only if it were their stop by coming above ground. The land is used in such a way that shops cannot be erected and thus a park is created instead. It is such a busy hub of people yet rarely do any stay to enjoy it.

I think I will make a website to similate people's view of the park. As a businessperson, I would take quick shots of the park only focusing on the intended destination. A child might stay awhile and view the sculptures. The workers would stay even longer, looking at the different aspects of the park that ought to be fixed.


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