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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I can tell the future?

I spent last night working on the frame while watching the world cup Japan vs. Australia and USA vs. Czech Rep. (Japan lost 3-1, USA lost 3-0) I was getting tired and my craft become horrible, leaving an ugly, non-functional support to deal with this morning. I had to carefully dissasemble it to rebuild the part correctly. While cutting an particularly awkward joint, I thought to myself that the blade is going to slip and cut my finger. I dismissed the thought and promptly cut myself just as I predicted. I'm so proud of myself.

Today I also went to Shibuya to buy transparency paper and more glue, came back and continued to work on the frame for the fusama. My plan is to print on thursday and the physical piece done for friday. That way I can work on the flash project in class since I don't have flash on my computer.


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